Architecture is ultimately about you.  Your home, your haven, your family, your business, your community.

For many of us, the most significant lifetime investment we will make is in the space we inhabit.  You want a space that is liveable, inspirational and sustainable.  In essence, you want the best design and building achievable within your budget.

Dickson Architecture recognises that good design must make a meaningful first impression, solves functional problems,  create inclusive safe spaces, while projecting a personality that best fits client needs.

Dickson Architecture believes in helping you achieve your living and working aspirations by providing designs that are contemporary, playful, sustainable and innovative.


Greg has practiced as a Registered Architect for over 20 years in Melbourne and London.

He has experience in education, commercial, community, alpine, rural, and both low and high density residential design.

Greg believes that all good design stems from a strong contextual relationship with site.  His designs respond initially to the opportunities given by location, into which pragmatic considerations and client preferences are woven.   He is a  strong believer in creating documents that are both detailed and robust, ensuring that once construction begins the scope and expected quality is not in doubt.

In 2013 Greg gained his Domestic Unlimited Building License, followed in 2020 with a license in the Low-Rise Commercial category.

Greg has a strong belief in the advancement of construction technologies, and believes that innovation will continue to improve our built environment.