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Designed for a tree-change couple and their children, the proposal for Greene Street Mount Macedon was designed with Solar passive principles as a primary design driver.  Bushfire protection was another primary concern, the property assessed as having a Bushfire Attack Level BAL29 rating.

The site slope allowed for a fully enclosed garage and workshop space below the main living area.   The first floor living space and covered balcony was designed to allow unobstructed views to the east.  Water collection tanks are partially recessed into the ground at the main entry, acting as a landing for the change in direction of the entry stairs.

Bedrooms were located on the southern side, in a linear spread and accessed via a north-facing hallway, the hallway acting as a solar collector. 

Material selection focussed on simple natural finishes and robustness.  Timber, exposed blockwork, galvanised steel and sheet metal.