The dwelling at Smith Street Thornbury is a compact Victorian era weatherboard house, with many but not all of the original features intact.  The clients wanted more space for their growing family, including separate bedrooms for the children, a larger living space, and new wet areas and kitchen.  With high existing ceilings and steep angle roof pitch, the brief was extended to include a mezzanine storage loft accessed via a hit and miss stairway.

The renovation and extension involved the removal of the existing lean-to rear rooms comprising the kitchen and living spaces, and gutting of the original bathroom and laundry room.  Due to the narrow lot size, the building was pushed to the boundary on the western side, allowing the new living room size to be maximised.

To simplify the roof profile and increase the spaciousness, a central exposed steel truss was used to support a cathedral ceiling structure.  Painted a contrasting black, the kitchen cabinetry includes a planter box to allow a creeping plant to share the trussed ceiling volume.

The kitchen and bathroom spaces use a restrained but playful materials palette, and topped off with brushed stainless steel fixtures.  The loft storage space features a custom timber staircase for access, and is lined with plywood for robust longevity.