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Originally designed by Greg Dickson in 2003 as a weekend house, the owners approached Dickson Architecture in 2012 to design an extension to their country residence.  Nestled in beautifully manicured gardens, the contemporary design respects the vigour of the original vision, sitting equally comfortably within the ordered gardens as it does the wild bush land backdrop.

Continuing the theme of the original dwelling, the new extension features a suspended concrete slab supported by reinforced blockwork walls, and wrapped in a well-insulated lightweight external skin.  The house is orientated to take advantage of the excellent solar access, and functions very well to minimise running costs.  The new guest wing consists of two additional bedrooms, associated bathroom facilities, and a bushfire refuge.

Featuring a range of modern materials, the house boasts best practice bushfire protection and thermal efficiency through the use of correct orientation and solar passive design.

The design features a similar construction technique and materials palette to the original house; galvanised steel, compressed fibre cement sheet, copper, and hardwood, all supported by a lightweight insulated frame over a suspended concrete slab.  Simple shapes, enclosed masonry subfloor, and leaf-less gutters are design features that increase the resistance of this rural dwelling to fire and ember attack, ensuring enjoyment for many years to come.